At a time when the world is fraught with uncertainty and fear, Tam Lawrence isn’t afraid to disrupt the status quo. Her podcast, Wake Your Ask Up, helps listeners wake up and take control of their lives in the face of difficult times.

By exploring controversial topics and bringing together guests from varying backgrounds, Tam encourages her audience to look beyond the surface and do their own research to find the answers they’re looking for. With every episode, she helps her listeners uncover their own power and purpose to be the change they want to see in the world.

Through her podcast, Tam has become an inspiring leader in the fight for truth and justice, leading her listeners towards a better tomorrow.

The recent tragedy in Memphis fired up Ms. Lawrence to release the first episode of Wake Your Ask Up podcast early. The podcast was originally set to go live in March of 2023; with a host of BIG BOX brands as supporting sponsors. Lawrence a seasoned publicist has devote herself as media advocate for change to stand on the frontline hopes to make a positive change in addressing societal ills.



Author Evette Tuggle

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Wake Your Ask Up launched with the support of its first guest(s) life changing book author Mrs. Evette Beckett Tuggle, corporate leadership trainer Gene Baker, and filmmaker Cedric Nettles.



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