Together, we fight for the resilience of women and work together towards a brighter future. Join us to help those in need and show your support with POW/HER.

From human trafficking to reclaiming her own power, Tam Lawrence, founder of POW/HER, has transformed her struggles into a globally recognized campaign to give hope and strength to women around the world. With Emmy-nominated actress Janeshia Adams-Ginyard. Her most notable role to date is Dora Milaje Nomble in both Black Panther movies and Marvel’s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. When she walked the Los Angeles premiere red carpet of “Wakanda Forever” wearing nothing but body paint honoring her friend, the late Chadwick Boseman, she made quite the stir garnering notable press both domestically and internationally. 





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Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman, who is an international speaker & best-selling author, joins Janeshia Adams-Ginyard as the keynote

Global Thought leader, International Speaker and Bestselling Author

speakers for this year’s POW/HER event to bring resilience and fuel collective action.”

The televised event is scheduled to air on Exposure Plus TV, March 8th, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM CST / 7:00 AM PST. Exposure Plus TV is a television network app downloadable on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, along with its webApp 

The app is also available on both  iOs and Android mobile devices. POW/HER will donate proceeds from all transactions to provide women in need with year-round work-for-experience, financial literacy, online career training, escape solutions, mentorship, alternative mental health care, support groups, and retreats. 


POW/HER’s Key Message 

1: POW/HER is a global platform to amplify the voices of resilient women

2: POW/HER is an essential resource, guiding light, and safe-haven for those who have suffered abuse, sexual violence, rape, molestation, and akin trauma.

3: Ms. Lawrence, founder of POW/HER, was able to reclaim her freedom and now offers strength and hope to women in similar situations  

5: POW/HER is dedicated to becoming a daily program that will assist survivors of human trafficking in finding safety, security, and strength.

6: POW/HER is supported by celebrities, women from various countries, and various organizations around the world 

7: Ms. Lawrence’s story of courage and resilience encourages others who are in undesirable situations to keep fighting


Behind the scenes, Humanitarian and POW/HER founder Ms. Lawrence is empowering other trafficked women to take back their bodies and reclaim their resilience. Join us this year as we celebrate the 16th annual POW/HER event, featuring Emmy-nominated actress, stunt woman and motivational speaker Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, and learn how these vivacious women are standing up against adversity.”

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