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Nationwide’s corporate history

We’ve been helping people protect what’s important for more than 90 years.

Over the last 90 years, Nationwide has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world.

Early growth came from working together with Farm Bureaus that sponsored the company. Nine Farm Bureaus continue to promote Nationwide.

The early years


Nationwide, formerly known as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, sold its first policy.1928 

Farm Bureau Mutual expanded its business into other states, including West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont and North Carolina.1933 

Farm Bureau Mutual expanded beyond automobile insurance with the establishment of the Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insurance Company.1934 

Farm Bureau Mutual wrote its first property insurance policy with the purchase of a fire insurance company. 1935

Farm Bureau Mutual acquired Life Insurance Company of America. 1939 

Farm Bureau Mutual launched commercial lines offering casualty insurance and group insurance for farmers, union members and cooperative organizations. 1943 

Farm Bureau Mutual expanded its business to 12 states and Washington, D.C. 1952 

Farm Bureau Mutual created the Advisory Committee of Policyholders, an industry first, which asked customers to present recommendations to company management. 

Becoming Nationwide


Farm Bureau Mutual changed its name to Nationwide with the aspiration of eventually selling products from coast to coast.  1960 

Nationwide was the first major insurer to endorse Medicare before being required by law. 1963 

Nationwide pioneered a seat belt incentive, which provided 50% additional medical benefits to policyholders wearing a seat belt at the time of an automobile accident. 1968 

Nationwide established the first 24-hour claims reporting service. 1969 

Nationwide first used the Nationwide jingle in a national marketing campaign. 1978 

Nationwide completed construction of its One Nationwide Plaza headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, the largest single office building in the city. 

Nationwide founded the first civic action program in the insurance industry. 1982 

Nationwide acquired Farmland and created Scottsdale Insurance Company. 1995 

Nationwide opened the first full-time, corporate blood donation center in the American Red Cross system. 1997 

Nationwide Financial (NFS) openly traded as a public company. 1999 

Nationwide combined comprehensive long-term care benefits with a retirement savings vehicle, an industry first. 2000 

Nationwide Arena opened in Columbus, Ohio. 2002 

Nationwide introduced the industry’s first sales system to include a simplified sales and underwriting process for variable universal life insurance. 2003 

Nationwide’s Fund Alerts tool allowed investors to get email updates if their variable annuity products exceeded a customized percentage gain or loss. 2006 

The Nationwide Foundation approved a $50 million grant to Columbus Children’s Hospital, the second-largest philanthropic gift made to an American hospital. 2007 

Nationwide Bank opens to the public. 2008 

Nationwide created associate resource groups (ARGs) to celebrate diversity and unite associates who share affiliations or interests. 

Veterinary Pet Insurance, the first pet insurance company in the United States, became a subsidiary of Scottsale Insurance Company. 2009 

Nationwide, the first major insurer to launch an app for iPhone users, created a platform for members to start the claims process with a photo, find agents and receive quotes. 

Nationwide acquires Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), which introduced pet insurance to the United States in 1982.

Nationwide Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide), purchased all of the outstanding shares of common stock of Nationwide Financial Services (NFS) it did not already own; NFS becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nationwide and a private company.2012 

Nationwide acquired Harleysville Mutual Insurance Company.  2013 

Nationwide received the Gallup Great Workplace Award for the first time. 2014 

The Nationwide Foundation donated $10 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to establish the Nationwide Children’s Pediatric Innovation Fund. 

Nationwide implemented automated mobile hail estimating, an industry first. 2017 

Nationwide introduced the first flat-fee indexed annuity to Trust Company of America platform. 

Nationwide pledged $100 million venture capital to startups.2018 

Nationwide made the strategic decision to focus its bank-related services on its trust operations in support of its retirement plan business and transition away from operating as a full-service, federally chartered retail bank. 

Nationwide hosted the first Silicon Valley Hackathon. 

Nationwide began offering health savings accounts. 

Nationwide announced the construction of an innovation center in Columbus, Ohio.