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When The Most Unlikely Happens…How One Man Changed My Life Forever



Senior Editor-Cedric Nettles


Never question the price a person paid unless you are willing to duplicate the method of payment.

I am kicking off my series in May discussing some principles I’ve  learned and grew from in my military journey.

Behold the toughest thing I had to earn. My parachutist badge. I celebrate this time of year when I graduated from Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA many moons ago. I have quite the lengthy back story in this article of  how this happened so please get comfortable as I paint the picture of how it went down. So here goes. I REALLY don’t like to go on and on about Ced so I hope you like my story.


Growing up I was picked on a lot and bullied because I was so quiet and shy. I was often a target for bullies and I did not have the best self image. I just kept feeling this pull in high school to go into the military. I enrolled in my high school’s Army JROTC program so I would get a jump start. I felt good about myself. I became Honor Guard Commander and nearly made Battalion Commander for the high school but was happy for my best friend that deservingly got the honor. I finished ranked as Cadet Major, figured I topped out and left. I graduated basic training at Fort Jackson after high school , my Advanced Individual Training for Communications was at Fort Gordon, GA, and was assigned to the arctic circle called Fort Drum NY of the 10th Mountain Division.


I felt so accomplished as I arrived , and I was desperately trying to find out who I was inside, I mean to my depths. I still had the low self image issues going deep down, but I was like a dire wolf. I remember saying this prayer as I awaited my assigned unit at Fort Drum at the new arrival holding facility…I said “God, thank you for all you did getting me through basic and such, please place me in the unit you feel I would grow the most.” Ladies and gentleman you can’t script this stuff better. 3 DAYS LATER this suave latino gentleman pops up who later became my First Sergeant for the most elite unit in the 10th Mountain Division. (I dug this picture up, hope you don’t mind big guy) I have no doubt God exists and answers us. If I would have arrived 3 days later or too soon odds are I never would have met him.

He was the tipping point, he convinced me I would take a lot of regret to the grave by not acting on what he saw in me.

He stated where he was from and he got wind of 3 communications personnel that just arrived and needed us for those roles in that unit. He stated that we would have to jump out of airplanes and get Airborne qualified. I was thinking “You must think I am a new fool, I ain’t jumping out of any plane for anybody.” He saw our hesitant demeanor. I never forgotten he looked me in the eye and said “PFC Nettles” I was like “Yes First Sergeant?”  He just glared at me and said “You are already a PFC, you don’t seem to like to run from opportunity.” Then he just smirked a bit at me in that swagger I grew to know and love. They sent two other sergeants to speak to us the next couple of days . I felt like a college football recruit. I really was so young and so hungry…Not to mention gullible. He knew I would regret it if I said no. I thought even if I was going to have to find out whom I was by risking my life, I was so extreme I was willing to do it. He was the tipping point, he convinced me I would take a lot of regret to the grave by not acting on what he saw in me.

Good ole Fort Drum, the career killer everyone called it. This was because most never re-enlist after being there for a couple of years. Fort Drum is the poor man’s arctic circle where the inside joke speaks about the  four seasons there; June, July, August and WINTER. This place is  as brutal as it gets and people from Alaska’s post go there for cold weather training, yes that is a fact.

I am not a super athlete by any means. I never played organized sports because I grew up with asthma that seemed to go away around that time…Hmmmm…So joining an elite paratrooper unit was quite the adjustment. I remember the death runs in  sub zero temperatures, seeing sweat and spit freeze on people’s faces. I thought I was going to die on one run. We ran 7 minute per mile paces for 4 miles straight in these conditions,  and yes I struggled mightily. But as my body and what I call core physical and mental  toughness improved, my thresholds of pain improved. They do these runs for that reason.

I remember when the gentleman in the picture called me and my young counterparts in on a meeting and told us before he goes off on us for our attitudes about this arrangement, he wanted us to tell him why we  were not performing in those runs. I told him I was stressed out. He looked me in the eye with that glare and said ‘No you are not, you are too young to be stressed out.” I was expecting understanding, compassion, and mercy…He gave me an icy stare and tough love instead.He understood this is not the Groupon Sky Diving thing you pay for, this is preparation for combat. I was not the typical 19 year-old, I had lots of responsibilities and could not be in my feelings all day. So I had to suck it up and get stronger.

I did not see my ankle bone for a year because I still had to train.

In the spring , this happens. This is not my pic, but my severely sprained ankle looked just like this after a pick up game. I remember the First Sergeant being the only one to come see me at the hospital. I was sitting there…He was with his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend who smiled at me as well. He kneeled down and acted like he was trying to lay hands on my foot and he chuckled and told me to take care of it. I saw the lighter side of him, and a kind of  love when it is needed for the moment. I saw true leadership on display of checking on your troops and placing their needs before yours.This has always been my mantra to this day with any team I put together.  I healed but the swelling looked like this for a while. I did not see my ankle bone for a year because I still had  to train. It was tough, I lost my conditioning and had to get it back with a shaky ankle that was more prone to re-injure.

I went from never even thinking about jumping out of planes to a year later leading people out of one. God says you asked what was inside you, I am showing you.


The opportunity I was awaiting came 5 months later. I found myself eating saw dust in pit week where they teach you how to fall. Later we were doing the tower thing  for about a week learning the commands and what you need to do. Then came jump week and let me tell you I was thrown for a loop with God’s sense of humor.

It takes 5 jumps to earn the wings and God made sure I was the first to go out and lead 25 to 40 other people behind me. Lots of pressure, you have to go when they tap you on your hip.I had the door position my first  5  jumps. I went from never even thinking about  jumping out of planes to a year later leading people out of one. God says you asked what was inside you, I am showing you.


I won’t give you play by play on all of those 5 jumps but I will tell you I had a parachute malfunction on jump number 3 that I got kind of a warning of in my head.

I won’t give you play by play on all of those 5 jumps but I will tell you I had a parachute malfunction on jump number 3 that I got kind of a warning of in my head. I will tell you about sweet number 5 later. I will also tell you about my second malfunction later on in the series. I finished my career at 13 total jumps, from 3 different aircraft, and you read it right I had some kind of equipment failure twice!

Jump 3 was something else. I had the fairly rare Mae West parachute malfunction.That thought flashed in my mind before we boarded about something was about happen.. I mean you can’t write this stuff down. This pic is a more severe form, but my chute looked kind of like this. I remembered looking up as they train you and was like “No that is not what that is, can’t be.” and it was. I heard  the voice again  in my head say don’t  pull your  reserve. I was 1000 feet in the air debating it. So I heeded the voice and did not pull. I did not know how much trouble I was in until about 200 feet, I was like “Uh Oh” and I landed correctly…BUT HARD.


Jump 5 was like Golden State or the Cavs being up in a 3-0 series, it was the clincher jump. I was not getting a ring, but I was getting wings. My easiest jump.

An instructor ran to where I was on the drop zone and I was thinking not only did I almost die, I am about to be dropped for push ups. But he didn’t discipline me, he shockingly  asked me was I ok. I was like ‘Yes Sgt Airborne.” He looked baffled to how I am able to stand up. Then it hit me. There was a female officer that was at least 30 jumpers behind me, and she was already walking back which means SHE BEAT ME TO THE GROUND. How in the world someone 50 pounds lighter than me and in that jump order beat me to the ground? It was nothing but the grace of God.You have to remember I was first going out, that just seemed too odd with a partially opened parachute.

I received a standing ovation by my fellow classmates of 200 people as I exited the drop zone and my main instructor looked at me and said “You are lucky you are not broken.” I never forgotten that and the lesson God was trying to tell me. “If you can trust Me with a bad parachute in mid air, you can trust ME with everything else.”


Jump 5 was like Golden State or the Cavs being up in a 3-0 series, it was the clincher jump. I was not getting a ring, but I was getting wings.My easiest jump. Long story short I landed. I remember getting on one knee praising God in front of the instructors and my classmates on the drop zone immediately after detaching my harness for the last time there. I did not care who was watching…I just won the Super Bowl. I was so grateful and as I was kneeling I heard a quiet voice say ‘Just believe Me.’ I felt that and heard it.


The best part I cherished was flying back to Fort Drum, seeing that proud look on the man that help make this possible. I tear up sometimes when I think about that fatherly grin. He was so proud.By a thin thread I met him, and he saw something I was not seeing. And he may or may not know God was using him to teach me. I knew I would meet other key people in my life and would be moving faster in certain situations in my career.It was a definitive feeling after jump 5. I would know who they were when I met them. It appears that time has come as well. I want to see that grin again in them. (More in the series)



Never question the price a person paid unless you are willing to duplicate the method of payment.


After facing the possibility of dying , sleeping on ice and snow,smelling rotting flesh from corpses when waking up in third world countries , and being emotionally and physically broken, I grew. I don’t walk around with my chest poke out. I stay ‘grounded’ knowing what I went through and understand I will be exactly where I am supposed to be. You see when you are stripped down from titles, and being placed in positions where you have money in an account you can’t even access,  your world view changes. When all you can think about is getting home to your family, you learn what is important in this wiff of time called life. Status and profiles are simply not a priority.


I don’t want kids to feel so desperate for an identity that they have to do the things I did just to feel like they belonged.


If a flat footed country boy with no athletic background can have God do this for Him, anything can happen. That’s why I make it a point to never question the price a person paid to become whom he or she is unless  I am willing to duplicate the method of payment. Sure there are thousands of kids going through that same program, I don’t lay claim on being the only paratrooper in the world, but I saw God’s power at work when he gave me what I needed to be numbered amongst them. I earn everything I obtain, and accept God’s favor on my life like the precious gift it is. I don’t underestimate anyone, because when someone gave a very shy person like me a chance I stay grateful.

In this series in May I will talk about the principles I’ve learned that were the best thing that happened to me…Emotional scars and all. I don’t want kids to feel so desperate for an identity that they have to do the things I did just to feel like they belonged.  So when I get in front of your kids to speak…I speak power, belief, and endurance in their lives…I promise these set of articles won’t be as long as this article. (smile)





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Cannabis and Your Voice



Today’s the day, that’s right 4/20…Can we be real for a second and talk about the elephant in the room for a few minutes? I’m talking about that green sticky stuff with the funny smell when lit. Some people call it Pot, Grass, Herb, Mary Jane and remember back in the day some people even called it Reefer? For the purpose of this article, I will refer to Marijuana as “weed”. I wanted to talk about the possible effects that weed can have on your voice. Before we get into this very interesting and controversial topic let me be clear, I’m not here to judge or point figures, nor pick sides to each is own. I’m here to point out some facts and perhaps give you something to chew on, pun intended LOL!

Taken in a public store in a state where “Weed” is illegal…

Many of you know that April 20th often just referred to 4/20, international “Pot” holiday, originated by five high school students from California in 1971. The story itself is pretty fascinating but whats even more fascinating, to me is how it quickly became an international holiday all over the world. If this subject tickles your fancy, you’ll have to do a little research to learn more.

As I look through different articles looking for the long and short-term effects weed (the most used illegal drug in the world ), I was surprised at the small amount of information I found about the cause and effects with emphasis on the voice. I found this interesting because many of you already know artists and musicians are often perceived as heavy drug users of many different kinds, not always weed. While we often hear about and are driven to focus on harder drugs, weed it’s often accused to be the gateway drug. We all know or have read about singers, rappers, actors, pastors, even former President Bill Clinton was accused of using the drug many refer too as “weed” but don’t fret, he didn’t inhale…

Okay, here goes the tea… Regardless of how you smoke weed, (or any other substance) rather it’s in a vaporizer, pipe, blunt or old fashioned joint, any inhaled agent has the ability to over time damage the overall quality of your voice. Just as caffeine, heating/cooling systems and allergy medication, and even sleeping with your mouth open at night dry your voice and sinus completely. Dryness in your throat causes a plethora of problems you might not even be aware of some of which include difficulty swallowing, coughing, heartburn and body aches, just to name a few. Some studies show that a vaporizer is safer because the substance isn’t burned and fewer toxins are actually produced. However, other studies shown say that any smoke at all inhaled has potential to damage your voice.

Marijuana is now legal in nine states for recreational use and other 15 states for medical purposes, weed has quickly become in higher demand among the states that haven’t been considered for legalization, as of yet… You can cut the tension with a knife among both citizens and legislators when this touchy subject resurfaces. 

Fully stocked up help citizens celebrate 4/20 in a state where weed isn’t legal

We live in a stressful world that seems to be constantly on the move, with pressures of becoming bigger and better by the microsecond. People who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and health problems, particularly pain and much more is at an all-time high in our nation as a whole. From the stress of raising a family to the stress of being an entrepreneur creating your dream job, weed has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of people all over the world swear by the substance called “Marijuana”. In a small serve, I conducted today, some claim they couldn’t, and some even stated they wouldn’t live without. Weed helps “take the edge off and calms me down at the end a stressful day,” several people said from my serve, verbatim.14-20 people I asked, (would like to remain anonymous) admitted to consuming daily.

I served:

6 Singers   (2 college students)

4 Males     (over age 60)

3 Mothers (between 25-44)

7 Professional “White Collar” (Unisex ages 23-52)

All of which had valid reasons why consume daily, all of which were compelling. The other six had various reasons for daily use from chronic pain to high anxiety. At the end of the day, we all must do what we think is best for our overall mental health and well-being. Being a person who was without a voice for almost three years, I tend to examine things a little differently than I once did, especially when it comes to my voice. 


 #thatsall ♥


-Deonna Cattledge 

Deonna Marie | The Gift of Voice, Professional Classical Singer, Vocal Coach, and Speaker










Facebook: @thegiftofvoice

Instagram: @thegift_ofvoice


Youtube: Deonna Marie Cattledge 

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RollOut the Carpet: for the 2018 Stellar Awards


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From left to right: Snoop Dogg (Performer), Erica Campbell (Performer), Tina Campbell (Performer) and Kirk Franklin (Host)
Click here for downloadable pictures
(CHICAGO) – Feb. 26, 2018 – Central City Productions announces a dazzling line-up of performers for the 2018 Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards, including the reunion of contemporary gospel music’s favorite sister act, Mary Mary (Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell), and the Stellar Award’s debut of rapper, actor, and television personality Snoop Dogg, performing songs from his new gospel album “Bible of Love” at this year’s show. Celebrated as a “transcendent night of gospel music,” the 33rd Annual Stellar Awards promises to surpass its ‘stellar’ reputation, featuring performances by the genre’s hottest acts. Performers scheduled to appear include: Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Travis Greene, Tye Tribbett, Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Kierra Sheard, KeKe Wyatt, Jonathan McReynolds, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Todd Dulaney, Koryn Hawthorne and Ricky Dillard & New G, among others. Returning to Las Vegas’ Orleans Arena on Saturday, March 24, 2018 the Stellar Awards welcomes the return of the undisputed crown prince of contemporary gospel music, Kirk Franklin, as host.
The Stellar Awards telecast will premiere on TV One on Friday, March 30 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT and air in broadcast syndication on 130 stations in more than 110 markets around the country March 31 – May 6, 2018.
Franklin is happy to be back in the role of host of the annual celebration. “Since my first step onto the Stellar Awards stage as a 23-year-old kid from Texas, I’ve lived, breathed and committed all I’ve had to this incredible genre called gospel,” he stated. “To find myself now still blessed to serve the community I love so dearly as their host of the 2018 Stellar Awards, that young kid feels alive again and more grateful than ever. We’re working hard to bring to the world the best and the brightest along with the icons and legends, the greatest night of God’s music at a time when the country needs our melody the most. Thank you and I’ll see you in Vegas.”
This year’s spectacular show open will feature Stellar Awards alum Erica Campbell reuniting with her sister Tina Campbell as the hit gospel duo Mary Mary for the first time in more than six years. The show will include an all-star tribute to the late, great Edwin Hawkins, with his sister Lynette Hawkins accepting the Edwin Hawkins Icon Award in his honor. Also expected to deliver stand out moments are the multi-platinum award-winning Snoop Dogg performing material from his new gospel album and collaborating with Tye Tribbett.
“Each year we strive to bring new and innovative performances and collaborations to the Stellar Awards and this year is no different, with the inclusion of mainstream hip-hop rapper and mogul, Snoop Dogg.” stated Stellar Awards Founder, Don Jackson. “Snoop expressed his desire to release a gospel album in honor of his mom who is an evangelist and he’s teamed up with Gospel superstar Tye Tribbett, there’s no way we couldn’t bring this explosive performance to the Stellar Awards stage.”
2018 Stellar Award’s multi-nominee and previous host, Anthony Brown, returns this year to perform and looks forward to sharing something special with the fans. “The Stellar Awards has always been such a blessing to gospel music creators and gospel music lovers worldwide. It provides for us a platform and opportunity to share our message and our gifts with the world,” shared Brown. “I am so excited to take the stage again at this year’s Stellar Awards. It’s always so humbling and exciting. group therAPy and I are working on something special this year. I can’t wait for you to see it.”
Don Jackson will bestow special honors upon gospel greats who have made significant contributions to the genre. The incomparable Tamela Mann is this year’s recipient of the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award and the legendary Rev. Milton Biggham will receive The Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones Legends Award. Stellar Honors Hall of Fame Inductees includes Kurt Carr, Ben Tankard, and Dr. Marabeth Gentry – President of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.
The Stellar Awards show taping is open to the public, with ticket prices ranging from $50 – $200 at
The Stellar Gospel Music Awards Pre-Show is scheduled for Friday, March 23 hosted by Lexi Allen and Lonnie Hunter. Among the artists performing at the Orleans Showroom that evening: Next Generation Choir, Judah Band, Tasha Page Lockhart, Isaiah D. Thomas, Ruth La’Ontra, Bryan Popin and Jason Nelson.
The Stellar Gospel Radio Awards & Showcase will be held earlier on Saturday, March 24, honoring the top radio stations and announcers who most notably serve urban gospel music audiences. This show is also full of spirit-stirring performances by newcomers Isabel Davis,Gene Moore and Kelontae Gavin; seasoned sensations Donishisa Ballard and Jason Champion; and quartet group The Virginia Aires. The event is hosted by VaShawn Mitchelland Meta Washington and is the perfect kickoff to the big show the same day. Tickets for each event can be purchased at
More of the biggest names in gospel and a few additional surprises are being added to the growing list of top performers and presenters appearing in this year’s show. For more information visit us at Follow us on social media for the latest news and updates about the greatest night in gospel!
About Central City Productions (CCP):
The Stellar Gospel Music Awards show is Executive Produced by Don Jackson, with Jennifer J. Jackson serving as Executive in Charge of Production. Michael Johnson will produce and direct this year’s awards show. Erma Gray Davis is the President and Chief Operations Officer of Central City Productions. Founded in 1970 by Don Jackson, Chicago-based Central City Productions, Inc. is a distributor of original targeted programming to television and cable networks. CCP’s award-winning television programs include the Black Music Honors, Stellar Tribute to the Holidays and Tribute to Mother’s Day, The Black College Quiz Show Series, and Hispanic College Quiz, among many others. For more information, please
Anthony Brown & group therAPy – 10 Nominations
Tasha Cobbs Leonard – 9 Nominations
J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise – 9 Nominations
Travis Greene – 9 Nominations
Deitrick Haddon – 5 Nominations
Ricky Dillard – 5 Nominations
Marvin Sapp – 4 Nominations
The Williams Brothers – 3 Nominations
CeCe Winans – 3 Nominations
The Rance Allen Group– 3 Nominations
Bishop Paul S. Morton – 3 Nominations
Tina Campbell – 3 Nominations
Le’Andria Johnson – 2 Nominations
For More Information Visit:

Founder of Exposure Magazine

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The Woman Who Brought Us “Don’t Make Me Over” Sybil

Classy and truly a woman of excellence, Sybil brings light to fading world. It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to have met an angel.

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The beautiful and talented Songstress Sybil sat down for an exclusive interview with Exposure Magazine CEO & Founder of @MsTam Lawrence- during the Women’s Gathering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 9th 2018.

Sharing her take on walking in your purpose. Sybil drops some golden nuggets on the audience, “Trust the process and believe in you!” Sybil graced the stage with her heartfelt presence–singing her hit single, “Don’t make me over.” 

Tam Lawrence: Sybil have you ever been in a dark place? If so, how did you break-through?

Sybil: [to read more about how Sybil spilled the good tea– pick up a copy of Exposure Magazine’s March issue being released on 3/15/2018

Founder of Exposure Magazine


Media Contact

Instagram @ExposureMagazine

Facebook: @MsTam Lawrence


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