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James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee



Political Editor – LeNora Millen

Speaking publicly for the first time since his abrupt firing, former FBI director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

In his opening remarks, Comey did not mince words, stating that “President Trump’s explanations surrounding his firing, didn’t make sense to me.” The initial letter to Comey sent by Trump, specified reasons for his firing was because of Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Comey added, “Long after that investigation, he repeatedly told me I was doing a great job.” “The shifting explanations confused me and increasingly concerned me.”

Former FBI Director James Comey accused the Trump administration of spreading lies during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Photo Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

As the hearing progressed, Comey said it became clear to him that Trump “was looking to get something in exchange for keeping his job.”  Comey said, after the firing, the White House chose “to defame me and then the FBI,” by saying there was disarray at the bureau. “Those were lies,” Comey said.  “I am so sorry that the FBI workforce had to hear them.”

Comey testified that he believes Trump fired him to relieve pressure from the ongoing FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

“I was fired in some way to change the way the Russia investigation was being conducted,” Comey said. “That is a big deal.  On top of that, the Russia investigation itself is vital because of the threat, and if any American were part of that, that is a very big deal.’’

Comey said that after his very first meeting, he began documenting his interactions with Trump. When asked why, Comey’s replied, “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting.”  Comey made clear he never felt the need to take notes to memorialize his interactions with former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Sen. Richard Burr, (R-NC)., Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, pressed Comey to confirm that he did not have evidence that the Russia cyber effort altered any votes in the 2016 election.  Comey added, “I’ve seen no indication of that whatsoever.”  Comey also confirmed—no one pressured him to stop the Russia investigation.

Comey testified that Trump never specifically asked or directed him to drop the investigation of Flynn; instead, Comey said—it was his impression from Trump’s comment that he hoped “you can let this go.”

A major point queried—whether the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russians—Comey refused to answer—saying it falls under the purview of a current investigation. He also declined to answer a series of specific questions, including whether the Trump campaign sought to conceal communications with the Russians via encrypted devices or by destroying documents.

Why didn’t Comey speak up sooner?

The looming question hanging over Comey’s head like a dark cloud was asked by both Republicans and Democrats—why he didn’t confront the president to tell him his behavior was inappropriate or go public with his story sooner?

Comey’s response, “There was no one in a position to take action.” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Comey’s superior at the time, had recused himself from the Russia probe.   Comey added, “There were no other senior leaders at the Department.” “We decided we gotta keep it away from our troops,” or the FBI career investigators, so it didn’t interfere with their work. They decided to “hold it, keep it in a box, document it, and let the investigation go on.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA)., pressed Comey on why he didn’t directly confront President Trump in an Oval Office meeting that Comey outlines in his opening statement. “Maybe if I were stronger I would have,” he said. “I was so stunned by the conversation that I just took it in,” he said. “Maybe if I did it again, I would do it better,” he said.

Comey’s Response about the Dossier

Comey refused to respond to questions about the dossier compiled by Ex-M16 officer Christopher Steele, alleging the Russian government had compromising information about President Trump.

Comey testified on his first meeting with then-president-elect Trump at Trump Tower in January.  During the January meeting, Comey briefed Trump on an intelligence community investigation into “Russian efforts to interfere with the election.” Comey notes: the IC leadership thought it important, for a variety of reasons, to alert the incoming President to the existence of this material, even though it was salacious and unverified.

Comey’s statement refers to the dossier published by Buzzfeed earlier this year.  Content within the dossier asserted that Russia had thoroughly compromised Trump with both financial dependence and blackmail, notably referred to as Kompromat—a term scholars of Russian and post-Soviet politics have long been aware of.

The dossier is the source of the comment in Comey’s written testimony that Trump told him he had no involvement with Russia and that he had no involvement with “hookers in Russia.”

The Lynch and Clinton Revelation

Comey told the Senators that he felt it necessary to make his public declarations about Hillary Clinton’s email server—in part—based upon then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch advising him to refer to the occurrence as a matter, not an investigation.  Comey testified that Lynch’s meeting on an airport tarmac with former President Bill Clinton raised concerns about the credibility of the investigation. Lynch’s proposed language “tracked the way the campaign was talking about the FBIs’ work,” Comey said, and that “gave me a queasy feeling.”

Obstruction of Justice or Hope?

Sen. James Risch, (R-ID), pressed hard on whether Trump’s words that he “hoped” Comey could drop his probe into Flynn, amounted to obstruction of justice. “Hoping for something is not tantamount to obstruction,” Risch argued. Comey’s response made clear that he disagreed. “Those words are not an order,” said Comey. “I took it as a direction.”

Comey responded by also saying that it was not his job to determine whether Trump’s statements amounted to obstruction.

Comey’s Intent on Leaked Memos

Comey admits placing a story in the New York Times about the existence of memos documenting his one-on-one conversations with Trump. Comey admitted to passing the information to the media via a Columbia Law School professor and friend.

Republicans questioned Comey’s actions and asked if he was authorized to leak information public. Comey told concerned Republicans that he viewed the memos as his “personal property” and not the government’s property. He added, “I thought it very important to get it out,” said Comey.

When asked why he didn’t give the memos to the reporter, Comey said “The media was camped out at the end of my driveway” and “I was worried it would be like feeding seagulls at the beach.” He told the Senate Intel Committee that he expected the leak of the memos would prompt the appointment of a special counsel to take over the Trump-Russia investigation.


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Oklahoma Teachers Exercise their Voice



Oklahoma Teachers Exercise their VOICE!

Oklahoma public school teachers banded together to strike for supplies and better wages

Have you heard the “tea” on the statewide teacher walk-out in the state of Oklahoma and the ripple effect it’s starting in the country? Well, if you haven’t and you’re the kind of person that need numbers and statics, which are important, don’t get me wrong. I hope that this article encourages you to take a deeper look into this now national situation and also, take a deeper look at your education system in your own backyard. However, in this article, I want to give readers a candid look inside of the protest from the perspective of a now local resident and a first time experience of anything like this.

I originally had no intention of attending the walk-out at the state capital here in Oklahoma City. To keep it all the way real, which I wouldn’t have it another way, I didn’t think it would last more than a day if it happened at all. Now I know, some of you are probably wondering why I’m glad you asked… While I’m not a public educator, I’ve lived in Oklahoma City for 10 years now and have worked closely with the public school system for the majority of my time here. Teachers have been complaining about things like lack of fair pay, little to sometimes no supplies and little to no budget to properly serve those with special needs, to name a few. However, even though this is a real problem, the teachers stay for something much bigger than themselves and their personal needs, they stay for the love of the children and communities they serve. Because, I know first hand of the passion and degree of selflessness it takes to continue to work under certain conditions, I didn’t think they would actually follow through with it.

April 2, 2018, was the first day of the protest and over 35,000 we’re said were in attendance. In my gut, I didn’t think it would last but thought they put forth a gallant effort to get the attention of Governor Mary Fallin and legislators. Day 2 a reported 38,000 was reported to have been in attendance, the people weren’t backing down. In fact, they said they weren’t moving until their voices were heard! I had the exhilarating experience of attending Day 3 of the protest at the capital with, again well over 30,000 people in attendance, standing strong. By this time, teachers from Tulsa Oklahoma banded together to make the 107-mile walk to the capital and the public educators in  Kentucky started a protest of their own. I’ve never actually experienced anything like that in my life and I wanted to give you my raw perspective on what it was like up close and personal.  I’ll start by saying that seeing the coverage is one thing but actually being there has had an entirely different effect and perspective for me as an individual.

On my way to the capital, I didn’t know what to expect, it was bumper to bumper traffic down 23rd street. I saw people walking from as far as three miles back with bright signs, picketing on their way to the capital. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t say a little prayer driving past them, just hoping I had a closer parking place just for me… whoa yes! Keep in mind, I just started doing research that morning and even with that, I didn’t know how deep it would be. I found a spot a little under a mile from the action and for that, I was grateful.

  Upon the first exit of my car, I felt an almost magnetic pull in the atmosphere that drew me towards the masses. It was a surreal feeling as if I couldn’t help it. I don’t think I’ve experienced a situation where I was standing near or in the middle of a crowd of people where most of the attendees stood in agreement of what they saw as the greater good for humanity. Sure, this amount of people fill-up arena venues and stadiums all over the world every day with numbers larger than this. However, this was an entirely different energy that surged among the masses.   

Coming alone to something like this definitely has its pros and cons, but I decided to make the best out of this situation and take it all in. I took my time and literally observed everything before I actually arrived and walked straight into the nucleus of the action. To be honest, my mind was blown before I got there. The first thing I noticed was the amount of school age kids that were there to either stand with their parents or support their teachers. I’m not kidding, there was an almost equal ratio of teens to adults. Most made very creative signs that reflected their personal feelings and viewpoints. People of all races, colors, and creeds stood together in unity, standing for what they believed was right. 

  I was overwhelmed by the number of people that wanted to be a part of my candid coverage for Exposure Magazine. I walked next to different groups of people and gained many different perspectives, from both sides, although mostly from one, how affected the public education community and the children that are in it really are. Because people were literally standing there ALL DAY there were food vendors who volunteered their foods and services to the cause. Other services that we might not think of like water and restrooms were also provided and school-aged kids 18 and under had everything provided for them free of charge, from snacks, water, meals and even some local events were held around the city, and childcare in some places as well.

The photo (on the left) depicts not only the unity but the faith exercised by some of the teens in attendance at the protest rally. However, I must acknowledge some of the views from the opposing side as well. People were concerned that a rally like this could cause an uproar in not only the state of Oklahoma but the country as a whole, which could threaten not only overthrowing the government at a state level but eventually the country. There were also some angry parents across the state that were concerned that, they weren’t properly informed or considered during the uprising in standing against both local and state officials. Parents that are accustomed to their children going to school all day. The walkout could cause other unforeseen charges such as childcare, extra food, and transportation expenses. Some parents are concerned, if this goes on much longer, they too, are at risk of not having a job.  Some people think this entire protest can help create a lose/lose effect on children both home and at school. I completely understand and see this side clearly. Seeing this side so clearly made me want to take a deeper look at another viewpoint, just to even out the playing field so to speak.


As I walked through the massive amounts of people, reading the signs, listening to conversations and observing the different emotions throughout the capital, I found myself almost at the front of the stage which to me, served as the nucleus of the protest. This is where I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing teacher of Del City school district Joy A. Glenn Ahmad. She has been a teacher since 1976 and explained her viewpoint with literal tears in her eyes. Ahmad explained that the teachers demanded 200 million dollars from local and state officials which would cover a $6,000 raise to teachers, some whom haven’t seen a raise for over a decade and some who are only making it with the help of there spouses income to sustain their own family. The rest of the money would be used for much-needed supplies and educational material for the 700,000 students the public school system serves.

Students stand together and pray with teachers during Oklahoma Teacher Walkout 2018

Teachers voices were in fact heard and they were granted 50 million dollars, a quarter of what they were asking, which only would cover the much-needed raises for the teachers. This offer was rejected by the teachers and the strike continued as planned. Teachers claim that this was less about them and more about the students they serve and they refused to take a raise and leave the students needs out. To give me a clear perspective she shared the picture with me you see to the left.

The book cart shared among teachers and students

  I know, it seems like a cart with books on it, what’s the big deal, right? I thought the same thing until she explained to me that this was the cart of books shared between classes for teaching materials for both students and teachers. This cart is the only access to educational materials for the entire high school. I was shocked, to say the least, I couldn’t help but wonder if the parents who are against the protest are aware of the true condition of their children education. Were they aware that this was perhaps the reason for Oklahoma having the lowest test scores and reading scores in the country? Or, does the need to survive and provide for their families now take precedence over the future of their children and possibly the future of the leaders of the state of Oklahoma. This is obviously an “elephant in the room” that couldn’t be ignored anymore. What do you think? Are you aware, truly aware of your education system in your own backyard? This movement that now, has national attention will continue for week 2 in the state Oklahoma. Teachers claim, they will not back down until their voices are heard! This protest has potential to change the education system not only in the state but in the country. Don’t forget to keep up with both local and national news for up close and personal coverage. 



-Deonna Marie


Deonna Marie | The Gift of Voice, Professional Classical Singer, Vocal Coach, and Speaker

Facebook: @thegiftofvoice

Instagram: @thegift_ofvoice


Youtube: Deonna Marie Cattledge



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The Former President Barack Obama Speaks: In your own ability to make a difference in your community and your country.

The Former President Barack Obama Speaks:

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Friend —

A little over a year ago, at my farewell address in Chicago, I asked you to believe. Not in a candidate, or a politician, or a party — in yourself.

In your own ability to make a difference in your community and your country.

For eight years in the White House — and long before that — I’d seen it happen time and time again: ordinary people who got involved, stayed involved, and pushed for a better future for this country we love.

That’s how change happens.

And this November, we have a chance to make that change happen in local and federal elections across the country. We cannot squander it.

Commit to vote in November 2018. Say you’ll fulfill your duty as a citizen, and that you’ll keep pushing for progress.

That faith I placed all those years ago in the power of ordinary Americans to bring about change — that faith has been rewarded in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

In the past year, I saw people like Kim, an OFA volunteer in Virginia, bravely share her story during the health care fight — of how, before Obamacare, her 13-month-old son Isaac was on the verge of being kicked off insurance as he went through surgery after surgery. She spoke up, and helped save health care for Isaac and millions of Americans.

I saw folks in South Carolina identify a problem with their town’s outdated, dangerous school buses — then roll up their sleeves, do some organizing, and get the statehouse to fund new buses for Charleston’s kids.

And I saw a new generation of young leaders grab clipboards, collect signatures, and decide to run for office themselves.

Throughout 2017, I saw Americans all over the country step up, have the tough conversations, and speak out about the issues affecting us all. We have to keep it up in 2018 — because every ballot measure, every election, every conversation on an issue we care about — it all matters.

There are no do-overs.

So right now, I’m asking you to make a commitment: Seize the power you have. Speak up. Make this democracy work. Do not succumb to cynicism. And say you’ll vote in 2018 — there’s too much at stake this year to sit this out.

I’m in

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Reported by Tam Lawrence

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Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Fired by Morgan Stanley for Alleged Misconduct



Harold Ford Jr., a former congressman, was fired by the financial services firm Morgan Stanley following allegations of misconduct, NBC confirmed on Thursday.

Morgan Stanley declined to say specifically what prompted the firing. The allegations were presented after a woman who was not employed at the firm accused Mr. Ford of acting inappropriately in a professional setting.

Mr. Ford’s termination reported by HuffPost as an exclusive has been challenged by the former Congressman as “false claims.”

Harold Ford Jr., a former congressman, was fired from his position as a managing director at the financial services firm Morgan Stanley for what the company described as behavior “inconsistent with our values.”CreditMike Groll/Associated Press

In a statement provided by his lawyer, Mr. Ford denied the sexual harassment allegations, stating in a tweet on Thursday that he will be bringing legal action against the reporter, for making false claims against him, as well as Morgan Stanley for wrongful termination.

“This simply did not happen,” Mr. Ford wrote. “I have never forcibly grabbed any woman or man in my life.” He added that socializing with members of the press was part of his job, and said that “false claims like this undermine the real silence breakers.”

Mr. Ford served five terms in Congress as a Democrat representing a Tennessee district after first being elected in 1996—serving as Congressman from 1997 to 207.

He joined Morgan Stanley as a managing director and senior client-relationship manager in 2011 as a vice chairman and senior policy adviser at Bank of America.

Amid the heightened scrutiny of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior toppling key figures in the entertainment and political arena, Mr. Ford is the latest high profiled man to lose his job in recent days for similar allegations.

Time magazine on Wednesday named the “Silence Breakers” its Person of the Year. They shared personal stories about harassment and assault and sparked the #MeToo movement.

According to Time, the #MeToo became a hashtag, a movement, a reckoning. But it began, as great social change nearly always does, with individual acts of courage.

In a tweet acknowledging his thoughts on the “Silence Breaker” quite pointed in his statement, Mr. Ford said the following in regards to news of his firing on Thursday, “This simply did not happen.  I have never forcibly grabbed any woman or man in my life.”

In another tweet, Mr. Ford spoke about his professional demeanor and his tremendous respect for the brave women speaking out “in this important national dialogue.”  Mr. Ford was pointed in stating that false claims alleged against him “undermine the real “Silence Breakers.”

Mr. Ford appeared as a frequent guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” MSNBC – which is owned by NBC 4 New York’s parent company.

“We are looking into the report about Harold Ford Jr.,” a spokeswoman for MSNBC said. “During that time he won’t be a guest on MSNBC.”

LeNora Millen            12-7-17

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