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Celebrity Publicist Ms. Lawrence graduated from Marquette University School of Communication with a minor psychology, she is also the daughter of two civil rights iconic leaders. Lawrence has been a long-time business owner for over 22+yrs she’s operated without applying for a job. She calls her walk pure-faith. Lawrence is extremely resourceful, her black book connects her to networks national and international. Her first steps into the public sector was as a stand-up comedian; opening for hollywood comics such as Wayne Brady, Jamie Foxx, and others. Lawrence’s boldness landed her on BET COMIC VIEW in 2000 then hosted by Bruce Bruce.

In 2012 Lawrence gave it her best shot to develop a diverse publication with vibrant colors, sexy graphics and appeal (solo) for over three years she worked alone to build EXPOSURE-MAGAZINE.COM as a side step-closer to collecting the stories of amazing people of all colors.

“It was just a thought.  Exposure offered me new opportunities, increased my network and opened up doors,” stated Ms. Lawrence

Laughter is still a major part of Ms. Lawrence’s life. She says, “It’s my cry upside down!”











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‘Overcoming’ Torrential Waters by Cedric Nettles



Torrential Raine is on the way!

Torrential Waters was my hard hitting, emotional journey of a ‘gifted’ young man coping with new found fame and a very low opinion of himself. I shared my childhood of having a poor self image and being bullied. I also shared the power of God’s hands on you, and His ability to show favor on your life, even when you don’t think you are ready. I laugh , because

at times I feel I am living Torrential Waters in some respects now. You will relate as well after you finish reading.


I don’t pull punches in Torrential  Waters, because life does not. This piece is by Chrystan Johnson and expresses  what she felt after reading Torrential Waters. We all have to know we have a purpose to our pain. We have an assignment, something we have to do before we take that last breath. That one thing you think that does not matter serves a higher purpose. I want to encourage everyone to go as hard as you can in this life, to grow, to serve, to be all you are called to be.


I was honored to read this review, this sums it up

Excellent read! Bought the book, but due to some medical/eye problems, could not read it for a few months. Finally got that fixed (!) and finished Nettles’ “Torrential Waters” within a day and a half! One of those books you just don’t want to end! Wonderful insight into faith, family, relationships, forgiveness of others as well as one’s self, hope for the future and the ever-enduring spirit of the human soul. I highly recommend for readers of any age. I hope Mr. Nettles has more (perhaps a series?!), but if not a series about this character, than at least more books planned for the future. The author’s own story itself is book-worthy; I personally would love to see him write an autobiography on how much he’s overcome in his own life. Meanwhile – buy the book! You won’t be disappointed.-Jan Harvin


Based on True events



Cedric Nettles


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 “The Writer’s Corner” We Seek Higher Ground



 “The Writer’s Corner” By Michele Renee Curtis
Writing is how we communicate our beliefs and perspectives. Without self-expression, we cease to express ourselves intelligently.  I believe in the power of communication and in expressing ideas to create positive influence and progress.
Writers are fighting for their right survive and to do what they love with respect, excellence, and pride. In support of the copy editors, The New York Times staffers staged a walk out on June 29, 2017. The move according to the paper is to make the writers more accountable for their own editing. The following link is provided for further details:
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Bully Prevention Month: Being Bullied Is Not Fun…Ask me how I know




Cedric Nettles Senior Editor

I was bullied growing up, I was also bullied in my military career. If you are a young man or young lady I know exactly how you feel…You walk to your desk, you just want to get the class done.That one person or one clique is waiting on you to sit down. Suddenly you are the source for a lot of jokes, unflattering things said about your family, and no one has your back. I don’t even want to go into being the only child.


1 out of 4 kids are Bullied. 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically. Cyberbullying statistics are rapidly approaching similar numbers, with 43% experiencing cyberbullying. … Each day 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied.


As an adult you think it would stop… Not necessarily …You see these same bullies as kids grow up to be corporate leaders, and not to mention leaders of the free world. They attack your livelihood, reputation, and sanity and will do so with no chill. You switched from a classroom desk to a cubical with the same toxic environment.

75% Of Workers Are Affected By Bullying — Here’s What To Do About It-FORBES


Stop letting people give you their backsides to kiss.. They can tell you to lay down and you won’t even do that right,fast enough or good enough. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP…If you got favor on your life, use it to help others.

Getting bullied is like having an open cage door you know that is open, but choose not to fly through it. It causes stress like you would not believe, and affects your confidence levels. As I overcame my own insecurities through my own journey I had to learn to truly be who I was. Not to mention speak those things of who I am and what I am as if i had them already. I have been hearing that “you are not this, or not that all my life” and was hell bent on proving people wrong. Once I start speaking (then achieving) I realized something…You cannot say the right things to the wrong people anymore than you can say the wrong things to the right people who are assigned to you…Who get you…That see why you do the things you do. In most cases you care so much for people you won’t  do impulsive things that narrow minded people deem as fear, or being something you are not.


I don’t blame myself for being bullied, I blamed myself for wallowing in self pity. People will accept you at your own appraisal. If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell them who you are and where you are going, the abuser will gladly fill in the blank to ensure you feel as miserable as them.

You say “this”…”No you are not you are “that.” Stop letting people give you their backsides to kiss.. They can tell you to lay down and you won’t  even do that right,fast enough or good enough. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP…If you got favor on your life! Bullies love to control you when they are not in control of their own lives.


I don’t blame myself for being bullied, I blamed myself for wallowing in self pity. People will accept you at your own appraisal. If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell them who you are and where you are going, the abuser will gladly fill in the blanks to ensure you feel as miserable as them. I will tell you this one thing to do that will liberate you…Forgive. I am a Christian, and being one is not a euphemism for being a doormat. You can’t keep drinking poison and hope it hurts them. Ask for  the capacity to be sympathetic and be an ambassador of what you  profess. If you are the bullied, use that pain to push you to higher levels and not internalize it… If you are the bullier, sit down and talk to someone you trust to get your pain out.

Keep pressing through and the right people will gravitate to you. Actress Maria Howell (The Color Purple, The Hunger Games, Hidden Figures, Saints & Sinners) wrote the forward for Torrential Waters. Having mentors like my publicist Tam Lawrence and Maria helped get through to my next level. So to the abused and abuser alike, find a mentor! We have to submit our egos to someone.


I wrote Torrential Waters that talks about bullying and peer pressure and to show the darker side of the abuser and the abused. My work  illustrates real life situations our youth face. Let’s love on one another in peace.




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