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President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel




Why declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is so controversial?

The final status of Jerusalem has always been one of the most difficult and sensitive questions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If the United States declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it would be seen as prejudging that question, deciding an issue that was supposed to be left to negotiations and breaking with the international consensus on the holy city.
Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital also moves the United States one major step closer to relocating the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would be seen as cementing Israeli sovereignty over the city.

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Holiday Hustle: Ways To Make Extra Cash



It is the Holiday Season, why not treat yourself by earning extra money for gifts,travel, debt elimination. Lots of hidden gems out there you can take advantage of to jump start your 2018!

Making extra money is something we all can afford to do. Sure, it requires more of our time, but paying for life these days is just downright expensive. That goes double for the holiday season.

Whether it’s giving gifts to our loved ones, hosting or attending parties or preparing meals for your holiday feast, every year it just seems to cost us more and more. That can take a toll on your family financially and emotionally. Chances are you will likely be paying off this year’s holiday season by the time next year’s holiday season rolls around. Who has the time – or money – for that financial stress?

If you’re like me, you’d rather put in the work now and set yourself up for a better new year. So, let’s discuss how you can do that and earn a little extra money in the process. I will warn you: this will require work from you. Be prepared.


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Aurora 10-year-old takes her own life after suspected bullying incident caught on camera



AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora couple are dealing with an unimaginable loss as they prepare to lay their 10-year-old daughter to rest.

“She was just a child of joy and she brought joy to everyone,” her father Anthony Davis said.

Ashawnty Davis was a fifth-grader at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora. She had a passion for basketball and wanted to grow up to be a WNBA star.

But her parents say something changed in the happy little girl at the end of October when she was involved in a fight after school on Sunrise Elementary property.

“She got into her first ever fight. It was recorded by a student and sent to an app called,” Davis said.

In the video, Ashawnty and another girl are seen fighting, while a group of kids watched. According to Ashawnty’s mother, her daughter confronted the girl, who she claims had been bullying her.

“I saw my daughter was scared,” said Latoshia Harris, Ashawnty’s mother.

While the video is difficult to watch, her parents believe it’s important to see.

“She was devastated when she found out that it had made it to,” Davis said.

The parents say the bullying she endured after the video surfaced was too much for the 10-year-old to handle.

“My daughter came home two weeks later and hanged herself in the closet,” Harris said.

Ashawnty spent nearly two weeks at Children’s Hospital Colorado on life support before dying Wednesday morning.

“It’s just devastating,” her father said.

They believe she is the victim of “Bullycide.” The term is used for when someone takes his or her own life because of bullying.

“We have to stop it and we have to stop it within our kids,” Davis said.

Now they are hoping Ashawnty’s story will help save other lives and help put an end to bullying for good.

“I want other parents to know that it’s happening,” Harris said. “That was my baby and I love my baby and I just want mothers to listen.”

The Cherry Creek School District issued a statement on the case.

“This is a heartbreaking loss for the school community. Mental health supports will be made available for any students who need help processing the loss.

“We do not tolerate bullying of any kind in our schools and we have a comprehensive bullying prevention program in place at all of our schools. The safety and wellbeing of students is our highest priority and we strive every today to ensure schools are safe, welcoming and supportive places that support learning.

“We were made aware of that video when a media outlet approached us with it. We took immediate action in response, turning the video over to police and addressing the matter with students.

“It should also be noted that the video did not take place during school hours.”

KDVR-TV Fox 31 Denver

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