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Editor’s Bio Performance

Hello {First Name},

Thank you for attending the Tuesday Exposure Magazine’s Editors and Contributing Writers call. It was absolutely wonderful to hear how excited everyone is about the publication.

I would love to help you for helping
with the growth of Exposure Magazine.

Now it’s time to take OUR relationship to the next level. I want you to use the publication to open up doors for you.


By connecting with events, people of influence, and so forth you can NOW position yourself as a person of POWER and bring something to the table that everyone wants “EXPOSURE!” What a great way to kick down some doors, in business you always want to have something to offer of value. People respect and want to work with people who add value. You have something as an editor or contributing writer that truly adds value a publication reaching millions online.

Do you know how many people want, what you have?

For example: Last year I decided to attend a few large events, I registered on the site as an Editor and CEO of Exposure Magazine. Thereafter, the organizer did her due diligence and approved me for two passes valued at $1200 per person (NICE WORK) I was able to connect with people during my coverage of the event and grow my network. You can now experience the same quality networking experience.

How to get started?

First order your one page Editor’s bio from our office
Follow the sample above in LeNora Millen’s bio
Send over your revisions to TL@RLASSC.COM
Read the below

Once you received your Editor’s bio your ready to start searching for the following:

People of influence (to feature in the publication) as an interview
Desirable events [find the press/media contact] cover the event
Search for Blog Tours/Press Tours and Media Tours [register]
Are you traveling and want to stay “FREE” Find a boutique hotel and ask if they’d be interested in you writing an editorial on the hotel, bed-n-breakfast, or guest home. What a great way to save money while traveling.

If there’s no form just search for the organizer’s contact information and send over a simple notification

I am __________ as an Editor for Exposure Magazine covering _____ I think it would be advantageous for our readers to learn more about _____________{your company, you, and/or your event. After reading my bio and Exposure Magazine’s success analytics, I am sure you will find we add value and exposure for those we show an interest in. I look forward to receiving your favorable response in the coming days. If you have questions or need more details please send me an email to ________ and I or our corporate office will respond accordingly. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

” _________” Editor

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