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E-Commerce – What Makes You Unique?



I stumbled across a website with a unique marketing angle. The use of ecological interests has resulted in improved marketing capabilities. In the case of the site I visited it was a jewelry company that specializes in recycled gold and diamonds.

The premise seems to be that there are significant gold and diamond supplies available so the need for the mining of these precious gems and ore may be reduced or even unnecessary. The reasons are many, but one of the key arguments has to do with the human deaths that result in battles over the ownership of the gems. Similarly this jewelry company considers the use of extensive gold mining to be a hindrance to solid ecological practices.

It is their contention that there are enough current supplies that no more gold or diamonds need be mined for decades. Existing gold supplies can be melted down to create new jewelry products and recycled diamonds can find a home in new settings.

Their philosophy appeals to many different consumers. For some this philosophy of ecommerce just makes practical sense. For others, this is a matter of ecological stewardship. For still others, the potential to reduce human rights abuses make this strategy worthwhile.

I am not calling into question the sincerity of the mission of this company. I am simply analyzing their strategy from a marketing standpoint. My assessment is that the premise is brilliant because it markets to a variety of interests without focusing heavily on any of them. This company even provides exceptions for local villagers who may currently pan for gold. They agree these villages should be allowed to continue to do so in an effort to improve their economic condition without harming the environment with mining.

In the mind of the customer they can draw conclusions about the benefits of the process and can make a purchasing decision based on their belief about the product and premise.

In ecommerce you need to find a unique premise that will allow your online business to be recognized as unique. For some ecommerce business owners this means a unique product, for others a unique presence and, in the case of this jewelry company, a unique approach to an existing business model.

You may have an existing ecommerce business. What do customers perceive to be unique about your business? What makes your site or business philosophy stand out in ways other businesses don’t?

Take some time to evaluate what makes your e-commerce store unique. If you can’t find that uniqueness consider what you can do to make your business philosophy something that stands out to consumers.

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‘Overcoming’ Torrential Waters by Cedric Nettles



Torrential Raine is on the way!

Torrential Waters was my hard hitting, emotional journey of a ‘gifted’ young man coping with new found fame and a very low opinion of himself. I shared my childhood of having a poor self image and being bullied. I also shared the power of God’s hands on you, and His ability to show favor on your life, even when you don’t think you are ready. I laugh , because

at times I feel I am living Torrential Waters in some respects now. You will relate as well after you finish reading.


I don’t pull punches in Torrential  Waters, because life does not. This piece is by Chrystan Johnson and expresses  what she felt after reading Torrential Waters. We all have to know we have a purpose to our pain. We have an assignment, something we have to do before we take that last breath. That one thing you think that does not matter serves a higher purpose. I want to encourage everyone to go as hard as you can in this life, to grow, to serve, to be all you are called to be.


I was honored to read this review, this sums it up

Excellent read! Bought the book, but due to some medical/eye problems, could not read it for a few months. Finally got that fixed (!) and finished Nettles’ “Torrential Waters” within a day and a half! One of those books you just don’t want to end! Wonderful insight into faith, family, relationships, forgiveness of others as well as one’s self, hope for the future and the ever-enduring spirit of the human soul. I highly recommend for readers of any age. I hope Mr. Nettles has more (perhaps a series?!), but if not a series about this character, than at least more books planned for the future. The author’s own story itself is book-worthy; I personally would love to see him write an autobiography on how much he’s overcome in his own life. Meanwhile – buy the book! You won’t be disappointed.-Jan Harvin


Based on True events



Cedric Nettles


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How powerful is HOPE? You need to fight to maintain it at all costs



By Cedric Nettles

Exposure Magazine Senior Editor

Monday Motivation-What does a rat have to do with anything? Hey I am a story teller by nature so I have a method to my madness. When doctors are dealing with a gravely ill patient , they are very careful of the words. They speak for the positive, for the healing process succeeding, for the reinforcement for the power they have. Keeping the things hoped for when you don’t see them yet is the best thing you can do in your struggle. Keep whatever that ‘why’ is in front of you at all times. Get away from toxic situations and people that undermine your hope. Unplug from social media to flush out all of that negativity you sucked in all week.  That is why those coal miners survived being stuck in the mine shafts, that is why people can drift for miles at sea against the odds, that is why people beat insidious diseases and financial struggle.

Aww here comes the lab rat scenario . (smile) I heard a while back of a lab experiment that involved two rats in two separate mazes . They both had the same maze layout. They both smelt the cheese and navigated to the end and they were trapped in the chamber at the end. One chamber kept the cheese behind a barrier that the rat could see but could not get to. The other had the scent of the cheese but nothing to look at. The scientist left the rats in that chamber  for a couple of days undisturbed. The rat that could not see any cheese died. In short, get around people who feed your dreams.  Peers that understand struggle, and will never undermine your dream , your peace, and harmony around you. Keeping your dream in front of you and working as hard as you can with what you have no matter what people think or say is what keeps your dream alive, and possibly you as well. You see if people can’t sow peace and harmony to your life and career they may not be able to ‘see the cheese’ but that does not mean you have put a blindfold on so you can’t see it either. Hope is everything.

Go in…


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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s “Writings on the Wall” Explores new Equality in America



Having the rare distinction as a New York Times best-selling author while still reigning as the NBA’s all time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has proven his famously stoic expressions as he was hoisting championship trophies were a byproduct of thoughts to challenge conventional wisdom rather than out of boredom from just being too good at the sport. With his new book he touches on a variety of topics stemming from an underlying dogmatic belief that equality is more about an affirmative action laced payoff rather than a renewed mindset. Being on the side of the age line considered the future of America, my interest was piqued, which lead me to “Writings on the Wall”.

As a six-year-old kid, partially due to action movies and cartoons my career objective was to become a policeman, but due to heavy conditioning I received because of my height to divert that interest to professional athletics, that goal and many others quickly dissolved. It wasn’t until being cut from the basketball team my sophomore year of college that my mind felt liberated to give the rest of life another shot, which is when Abdul-Jabbar’s overlapping years as an activist, author, and ambassador among other things during the height of his playing years really began to hit home.

Foremost “Writings on the Wall” agrees with the notion that our problems simply won’t go away if we ignore them long enough. Abdul-Jabbar expresses his sentiments from the vantage points of a former athlete, African-American, Muslim, senior, cancer survivor and parent and lets the reader take it from there.

“The word ‘race’ is ghettoizing language that perpetuates seeing people of color as a different species. The word encourages fear and distrust. Language is the fuel that feeds the great racist generator.” Race eventually “should become the new n—– and people will refer to it in hushed tones as the R-word.” “Until then, for the sake of sharing a common though inaccurate language in order to foster a solution, most of us, myself included, will continue to talk about race as if it actually existed — and racism because it does actually exist.” words Abdul-Jabbar.

This book isn’t Abdul-Jabbar lecturing minority groups to stop using the race card and “get over it” as he makes an obligatory pitch for the Nation of Islam at the end, but rather giving several misguided or misrepresented groups in America an intimate living room feeling conversation on how we all should be pursuing equality on all fronts.

“The one part of the American dream that cannot be changed or compromised is our commitment to make the opportunity for a life that is ‘better and richer and fuller’ available to everyone” Abdul-Jabbar says.

With the mounting level of outrage of today’s societal, political and economic hardships, our country has been subject to countless blind protests conducted by citizens basically swinging in the dark, hoping to connect with the face of their oppressor, all the while making  sacrifices to their lives and way of living in the belief they furthered their cause. What works for “Writing on the Wall” is it gives a starting and end point, a problem and a direction towards a solution.

The nine chapters of this book touch on the issues of or pertaining to politics, race, religion, gender, class, sports, media, senior citizens and millennials, all of which contain multi-pronged issues and adjustments that should follow. Weaving in an out of these topics with statistical analysis and personal narrations, sprinkled with brief moments of light-hearted humor and pop culture references, “Writings on the Wall” doesn’t look to be that loud booming voice that scares you into changing your ways, but rather those assuring words showing you the benefit of the doubt.

In no way should this book be looked upon as the bible of social balance. However in this day and age with the so much placed behind the stance of individuals with a platform on the issues that plague our country, this was definitely a needed account.

“I’ve been asked many times over the years profession I would have chosen had I not become a basketball player. My answer surprises people:” he starts the book.


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