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E-Commerce – What Makes You Unique?



I stumbled across a website with a unique marketing angle. The use of ecological interests has resulted in improved marketing capabilities. In the case of the site I visited it was a jewelry company that specializes in recycled gold and diamonds.

The premise seems to be that there are significant gold and diamond supplies available so the need for the mining of these precious gems and ore may be reduced or even unnecessary. The reasons are many, but one of the key arguments has to do with the human deaths that result in battles over the ownership of the gems. Similarly this jewelry company considers the use of extensive gold mining to be a hindrance to solid ecological practices.

It is their contention that there are enough current supplies that no more gold or diamonds need be mined for decades. Existing gold supplies can be melted down to create new jewelry products and recycled diamonds can find a home in new settings.

Their philosophy appeals to many different consumers. For some this philosophy of ecommerce just makes practical sense. For others, this is a matter of ecological stewardship. For still others, the potential to reduce human rights abuses make this strategy worthwhile.

I am not calling into question the sincerity of the mission of this company. I am simply analyzing their strategy from a marketing standpoint. My assessment is that the premise is brilliant because it markets to a variety of interests without focusing heavily on any of them. This company even provides exceptions for local villagers who may currently pan for gold. They agree these villages should be allowed to continue to do so in an effort to improve their economic condition without harming the environment with mining.

In the mind of the customer they can draw conclusions about the benefits of the process and can make a purchasing decision based on their belief about the product and premise.

In ecommerce you need to find a unique premise that will allow your online business to be recognized as unique. For some ecommerce business owners this means a unique product, for others a unique presence and, in the case of this jewelry company, a unique approach to an existing business model.

You may have an existing ecommerce business. What do customers perceive to be unique about your business? What makes your site or business philosophy stand out in ways other businesses don’t?

Take some time to evaluate what makes your e-commerce store unique. If you can’t find that uniqueness consider what you can do to make your business philosophy something that stands out to consumers.

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Book Author Matt Patterson Releases his New Book “We Got This!”

Author Matt Patterson Releases his New Book “We Got This!” E.Book Download

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Author Matt Patterson Releases his New Book "We Got This!"


This week my Facebook friend Matt Patterson will be releasing his new book – WE’VE GOT THIS! – as a #FREE #Kindle download on WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY – MARCH 28 & 29.

We expect people to come to work and be “normal.” Well, what if their circumstances aren’t “normal”?





This book IS NOT LONG. If organizations and leaders need a 250-page book on how to treat people who are battling a personal crisis – then something needs to change. This is a how-to guide that leaders can keep handy in a desk drawer or on the corner of their desk for when that time comes when a team member lightly taps on your door or sends you an email/text and asks – “Can we talk?”

I sincerely hope that you will find some value in this effort. It wasn’t easy.

I appreciate each of you and for your amazing support. And besides – IT’S FREE!



Founder of Exposure Magazine

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True Story of Hope and Perseverance, Field of Hearts by Marian Klooster



True Story of Hope and Perseverance, Field of Hearts by Marian Klooster


How many times have we seen people with chronic medical conditions persevere as an example to us all?

Having a chronic medical condition will many times lead to depression, anxiety and/or uncertainty about the future.

The story of Marian Klooster is one of hope, strength, perseverance, and success despite her chronic medical condition. Marian is from Willemstad, sunny island Curacao. In 2011, she lost her son a week after his birth due to a pregnancy complication.

She was devastated and depressed, but she didn’t give up! Despite the several challenges she had to overcome in her life, Marian was able to rise above it and succeed. She is an Amazon International Best-Selling Author due to her book, Field of Hearts. She started writing her book to cope with her emotions, and it didn’t take long to finish and get ready for publishing!

Marian received guidance and support from her book coach, Kenny Jones. Kenny is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is an Amazon International Best-Selling Author due to his book, The Comeback Kid.

Marion’s book debuted this year in the Top Best-Selling Books in 4 Different Countries in its category. Most of the Sales were from Curaçao and the Netherlands. She donates 10% from

Field of Hearts - Amazon International Best Selling Book by Marian Klooster

Field of Hearts – Amazon International Best Selling Book by Marian Klooster

each sale to Curacao Heart Foundation to support their fight against heart diseases through research, prevention, and care.

Lives were touched by her Book – here I include some Feedbacks she received from her Readers.

“101% worth the time invested to read! This is a story that touches the heart in every aspect of the Word! It takes you back and forth as how life of this young lady has been up until now. Simple said, this is a TRUE Story worth the read and learn from. This Young Lady, Marian, shows that with self-confidence, determination and eagerness to succeed regardless of all the reasons to give up, she never quit! Keep Moving Forward! Thanks for sharing Your Life with us, the readers, not just another Story!” by David C.E.J. Jansen

“Field of Hearts is an incredibly emotional experience. Mari bares her soul into each page of the book. Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. Such a brave and bold move to share her story. Learning about becoming an Entrepreneur is one thing, but watching Mari’s Journey in this book is a new level! I’m speechless.” By Kenny Jones, Author of the Amazon Bestselling Book Comeback Kid


You may contact Marian Klooster by email:

Follow her Instagram


Field of Hearts Paper Back Version is Available at this link



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‘Overcoming’ Torrential Waters by Cedric Nettles



Torrential Raine is on the way!

Torrential Waters was my hard hitting, emotional journey of a ‘gifted’ young man coping with new found fame and a very low opinion of himself. I shared my childhood of having a poor self image and being bullied. I also shared the power of God’s hands on you, and His ability to show favor on your life, even when you don’t think you are ready. I laugh , because

at times I feel I am living Torrential Waters in some respects now. You will relate as well after you finish reading.


I don’t pull punches in Torrential  Waters, because life does not. This piece is by Chrystan Johnson and expresses  what she felt after reading Torrential Waters. We all have to know we have a purpose to our pain. We have an assignment, something we have to do before we take that last breath. That one thing you think that does not matter serves a higher purpose. I want to encourage everyone to go as hard as you can in this life, to grow, to serve, to be all you are called to be.


I was honored to read this review, this sums it up

Excellent read! Bought the book, but due to some medical/eye problems, could not read it for a few months. Finally got that fixed (!) and finished Nettles’ “Torrential Waters” within a day and a half! One of those books you just don’t want to end! Wonderful insight into faith, family, relationships, forgiveness of others as well as one’s self, hope for the future and the ever-enduring spirit of the human soul. I highly recommend for readers of any age. I hope Mr. Nettles has more (perhaps a series?!), but if not a series about this character, than at least more books planned for the future. The author’s own story itself is book-worthy; I personally would love to see him write an autobiography on how much he’s overcome in his own life. Meanwhile – buy the book! You won’t be disappointed.-Jan Harvin


Based on True events



Cedric Nettles


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